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Oct 2016
Jake Hartnell
Oct 14 2016 23:02


  1. Make it easier for hardware makers to make interoperable devices.
Making good hardware and making good software are two difficult things, currently hardware makers not only have to make hardware but also often a full fledged app.
There is thus little thought given to interoperability.
Imagine if all you needed was a web component and a connection to a DDP or MQTT api...
test-thing is a webcomponent and a javascript file (that could be run a raspberry pi, but will be just in a seperate terminal window for ease of development).
Jake Hartnell
Oct 14 2016 23:07
The Javascript file is run on the device and connects to the Grow IoT server.
The web component is the interface to the device.
Both in terms of UI and as a semantic representation of the device API.
test-thing is a basic polymer element that we want to data bind to the device (or the code running in a seperate terminal). Pushing a button should call the corresponding method on the device.
Haven't gotten this quite working yet, but it's a start before we start integrating the hardware examples.
Questions up until this point? I might collect this later into some sort of document.
Jake Hartnell
Oct 14 2016 23:13
  1. Security.
Interesting that markdown converts the 2. to a one.
Anyway, let's focus on one and then we'll do a security review... luckily I know some people smarter than me on that particular topic.
Going back to making things easier for hardware makers... this might seem tangential to growing things, but it's actually incredibly important for making things like vertical farming, cellular agriculture, etc. cost effective.
Jake Hartnell
Oct 14 2016 23:18
Industrial IoT is all about Interoperability. Within Common Garden's smart growing environments use case there are fans, sensors, pumps, heaters, fans, shades, lights, valves, etc. and they all need to work together to control the the environment (temperature, humidity, CO2, etc.)
Pictures from our local hydroponics store of current tech. It's all analog and modular.
And expensive.
To make controlled environment agriculture cost effective we need to create a hardware ecosystem of interoperable 'things'.
Jake Hartnell
Oct 14 2016 23:27
Anyway, let's try to get test thing working:
Can we import an element that is published on the web?