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Aug 2017
Myles McNamara
Aug 26 2017 20:03
hey guys, i'm trying to get a better understanding of the possibilities with grow-iot and custom hardware devices ... but can't seem to find anything online regarding tutorials for grow-iot or creating custom hardware to work with grow-iot, can anybody explain it a little bit further for me or answer some questions?
like for instance, if I had this breakout board connected to an arduino or node mcu ... how would I go about connecting it to grow-iot?
i already have some custom arduino code running for some temp sensors and such, and wanted to try out grow-iot by connecting it ... but can
can't seem to figure out how i would even go about that through arduino
Jake Hartnell
Aug 26 2017 22:50
The easiest way through arduino is to use something like johnny-five or firmata:
I'm sorry for the poor state of documentation, I'm happy to answer any questions.
The documentation there might make more sense.
Thing.js and it's cousin Grow.js ( have examples for connecting arduinos and more!
Let me know if you have any questions!
Jake Hartnell
Aug 26 2017 23:17
Will have examples for nodemcu soon.