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Porter Darby
Hi there. It says in the documentation Stardog supports SAP HANA as a RDBMS for virtual graphs. Is there anything special to note when using SAP HANA?
Timi Bagosi
Hi, I just moved to Stardog 4, Java 8 and Sesame 4.0, and I have a dependency problem with sesame-rio in stardog. Dependency org.openrdf.sesame:sesame-rio cannot be found in Stardog public repository, and on the maven central repository there is no such dependency (only sesame-rio-api, -turtle, -trix, -etc..). If I exclude this dependency, I get an exception java.util.ServiceConfigurationError: org.openrdf.rio.RDFParserFactory: Provider com.complexible.stardog.rio.ProtobufDaisyChainRDFParserFactory could not be instantiated.
Could you please advise?
Bernardo Gonçalves
Hi all, thanks for developing such a nice system --- I'm getting familiar with and liking it a lot.
In the docs, Section 'ICV Guard Mode', there is a mistake
On line: ./stardog-admin db metadata set -o icv.enabled=true myDb #enable ICV
It should be ./stardog-admin metadata set -o icv.enabled=true myDb #enable ICV
(without the 'db' command)
Atiq Sayyed
/notify-all Hey Guys.. Can anyone tell me the difference between MergeJoin and HashJoin in query plan of stardog?
is there somewhere to download previous versions of stardog? i'm looking to run 4.0.5 locally to match our deployed version, but can't find a link to older versions
Library Web
hi, are there any docs to the Java API available (other than javadoc)?
community edition
Zachary Whitley
There are examples in the stardog github repo
Library Web
OK, cheers, that should do
Zachary Whitley
Library Web

Hi, Unfortunately I'm not able to find some information in the docs about the following topic.

bulk import option for reified statements

According to the documentation one can use the stardog:identifier() (aka "reification") function to bind the statement identifier to a sparql variable. I assume that using that technique I can write a SPARUL Query to insert a triple t_2 which has the statement id of another triple t_1 as subject and can therefore "attach" metadata to t_1 (direct reification). Is this correct? But the documentation does not say anything how to bulk load such reified rdf data. I think using SPARUL Queries won't scale for importing 2.5 billion triples within a reasonable time. So is there any (file based) way to bulk load such reified statements?

Shankar Iyer

Hello All:
I am new to stardog and re-visiting Unix after a long time.

I am trying to create a new stardog database (http://docs.stardog.com/man/db-create.html)
and here is screen-cap of what I got (Create_DB.PNG)

Kindly advice.. please explain what I am doing wrong???

Thank you and hope to hear from you all soon
Shankar Iyer :)

Zachary Whitley
Just sent a response on the users group forum
Akshay Deshpande
Hi, I want to know what is the query plan cache limit on Stardog ? for example: If i execute 10 different queries which have different query plans, how many of them would be cached? Also after the cache limit, do the query plans in the cache get overridden by the next queries?
Hi I'm quite new to stardog and noticed a previous poster asking how to create database. I've got a similar question with creating a database but through the http api. I've found an apiary site with an example (http://docs.stardog.apiary.io/#reference/admin/take-a-database-offline/post) but not sure how to use this in postman. Any help would be appreciated.
Zachary Whitley
I'm not familiar with postman but you said that you want to create a database so you'll want to use this http://docs.stardog.apiary.io/#reference/admin/databases/post
Hi @ZacharyWhitley thanks for replying. I did follow that but if i post to http://my-stardog-ip/admin/databases?dbname=test I get a 500 There was a fatal error on the server
Hi all, a quick question: I evaluated Stardog in the past years (don't ask me which version please) and I remember that I was able to execute a query specifying what owl profile to apply each time. Now that I am testing Stardog 5 I cannot find the same feature anymore. Is it correct?