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This is not a Truffle issue but rather an npm one. When packages are installed globally with npm, there is a folder where npm keeps them. This folder needs to be added to your path so that it will find them when you execute Truffle
Well actually it is really not technically an npm problem but it is related to npm configuration.
Actually if you install nvm and use that to install npm it might also take care of your problem
Justin Martin
What is the standard way to assert that a call will reject with a given reason?
Justin Martin
Ah, just assert.rejects seems to work fine.
Hi, guys.
I tried mint NFT myself using remix contract IDE
How can I check my minted NFT(image)?
@eggplantzzz how can I find the path? I've been looking into it but what I seemed to do does not work :/ I've been trying for weeks to get this to work haha
Hu Chia Wei
@highshot-rk try http://www.nftviewer.xyz/
@ctatum20 Your $PATH variable is normally populated from configuration files which are different depending on what shell you are using. How did you install npm?
Do you use nvm? It would be worth trying to install nvm (which is a node version manager) and using npm with that. This is also what npm recommends and I think if you install nvm it might add your bin folder(s) to the path.
Here is an npm article I like to pass around because it usually resolves a lot of issues using npm https://docs.npmjs.com/resolving-eacces-permissions-errors-when-installing-packages-globally
They have instructions on there for installing nvm and npm.
Wink Saville
I'd like to test a feature of the rust based eth2 lighthouse beacon node where it supports a fallback mechanism by passing a list of eth1 endpoints. Is ganache capable of supporting multiple instances on the same local testnet?
Marek Dzwonnik
Hi, i have problem with using @truffle/contracts in Angular 12 project. When using const contract = require('@truffle/contract'); project won't compile and and I get errors in terminal Module not found: Error: Can't resolve 'fs' in 'C:\Repositories\blockchain-shop\node_modules\@truffle\compile-common\dist\src\profiler' any solution to this?
@MarekDzw Hmm that is strange, I don't think @truffle/contract uses @truffle/compile-common. Is your project somewhere visible that I can take a look?
Marek Dzwonnik
I'm getting Error: Compilation shimmedcompilation has unreliable source order. when try to truffle debug
what does mean this error?
Truffle v5.1.45
Yash Mehta

how to subscribe to events in truffle test, anyone?

@MarekDzw And what are you doing to get the error?
I see you filed an issue, I'll continue the discussion there. Thanks!
Georgios E. Syros
Hi. I'm getting an error when I try to execute web3.eth.ens.setRecord. I am using the Truffle HDWalletProvider. The NodeJS terminal outputs; { code: -32000, message: 'execution reverted' }. Any ideas?
why my contract's storage is empty? i have mint many heros already. anybody knows?
any bro. can help me?
i'm waiting online. hope people can help me.
Bryan Yang
Hello! Have a quick question. I'm trying to set up a persistent ganache. Is there a quick guide somewhere for setting up the db? (not using the UI version...having some issues with it displaying transactions)
Sid Sethi

hi all! am having some issues with truffle 5.4.11 where a single test in my test suite fails with Ambiguous event, possible interpretations errors but the remaining fail. would appreciate any guidance!

also commented on relevant GH issue but it already is closed https://github.com/trufflesuite/truffle/issues/2815#issuecomment-923434664

Sid Sethi
^found solution for above, was an out of gas error that was just displayed very confusingly
how to set a very specific solc version in truffle? my truffle keeps using a different compiler for each compile (eg. solc-v0.7.6+commit.7338295f-emscripten) .. this repeatedly causes errors like "the artifacts are from different compiler runs" .. how to set a specific compiler version?
1 reply
Hey guys, currently stuck on this issue for the deployment on main net, "Migrations" ran out of gas (using a value you set in your network config or deployment parameters.) Any ideas how to get passed it? Currently using 6721975 WEI as gas, and as gas price 20GWEI. There is definitely enough ETH on the contract so not sure where it is going wrong. Also I have to wait 15min every-time I test with main-net, any other way to debug faster?
2 replies
Sid Sethi
does anyone know how to set a custom gas limit on truffle for all transactions? the truffle-config field only applies to migrations but not for testing
Miao ZhiCheng


trufflesuite/truffle#3780 has been stuck for many months, can we get some love from the truffle developers?

Miao ZhiCheng

Disabling disableConfirmationListener definitely helped!

But how do you configure the default "test" network, the one that is launched as a "internal ganache" by truffle test?

hi all. Im deploying a simple smart contract and in my deploy transaction want to embed the transaction with a short Hex string message. I'd like to do it outside of the contract.sol file if possible. I know in Metamask I can send some Hex with a transaction but wondering if this is possible with a contract creation transaction in the migration file? and if so how?
hey im testing a smart contract, i have it deployed to ganache, but when I try to mint or anything I get an error "Provided address undefined is invalid,..." i've been googling for awhile trying to figure it out but I cant
Hey guys, I'm trying to follow the Truffle quickstart guide here: https://www.trufflesuite.com/docs/tezos/truffle/quickstart
I installed Truffle, unboxed the sample project and tried to compile.
I'm getting an error when that only says:
Compiling your contracts...
> Compiling ./contracts/Counter.ligo
> Compiling ./contracts/Migrations.ligo
> Compiling ./contracts/SimpleStorage.ligo
> Using entry point "main"
Warning: The old cli is deprecated, use `ligo --help` or `ligo man` to consult the new command syntax

Compilation of /home/gabriel/repos/tezos-example2/contracts/Counter.ligo failed. See above.
Truffle Version Truffle v5.5.0-tezos.4 (core: 5.5.0-tezos.4)
node version Node v12.21.0
npm version npm 7.5.2
OS: Ubuntu
It's hard to troubleshoot because I don't see any error.
Rogue Kal
Hello, is it possible for transactions to be auto-approved and provide a seamless web2 experience? On a high level the user would sign once on the dApp and then every subsequent transaction would be submitted and the user wouldn't have to sign, i.e. consider making swaps on Uniswap without having to sign them. Could one leverage the truffle suite to achieve such an integration? Thanks.
Daniel White
Can i send more than .01 matic from mumbai testnet from their faucet (https://faucet.polygon.technology/)? When deploying with truffle it keeps saying my account is underfunded.
Harry Ermawan
Hi, can someone help me with this error
I just build smart contract and well tested and integrated it with Frontend on my friends pc it's woking well
but in desktop I always get this error when called a function receive from the contract in the FE.
when I try manually test the contracts it works well
very confused it's already a week can someone help me out?