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Hi all. I'm following a tutorial that inside a test validates a BigNumber instance using Chai. I can console log both variables console.log(decimals); and console.log(web3.utils.toBN(_decimals)); which results in the exact same string: BN { negative: 0, words: [ 18, <1 empty item> ], length: 1, red: null } and BN { negative: 0, words: [ 18, <1 empty item> ], length: 1, red: null }. However when I add the following check: decimals.should.be.bignumber.equal(web3.utils.toBN(_decimals)); the following exception is thrown: AssertionError: expected <BN: 12> to be an instance of string, number or BigNumber. Can anyone explain what I'm missing here?
Sandi Gec
Hi! I have an issue. Is it possible to integrate @truffle/contract library in Angular 13 project? At the moment I get the following error when I try to include "var contract = require("@truffle/contract");" into an component (*.ts file):
"BREAKING CHANGE: webpack < 5 used to include polyfills for node.js core modules by default.
This is no longer the case. Verify if you need this module and configure a polyfill for it."
Rashi Abramson
Is ganache ui supported anymore? I saw the last commit was in 2020
@roshkins I think it is working in progress... in 2.6.0?
Hello, I am having trouble with running 'truffle test' in the terminal on my contract. When I run a test I keep receiving the error "TypeError: pollInstance.createPoll is not a function." I am unsure of how to fix this given that I declared my artifacts variable at the beginning of the test file and I declared a deployment of my "PollFactory" contract before each test. Does anyone know how to deal with this error?
Aaron Boyd

Hi all, getting this error during migrations rlp: value size exceeds available input length.

Is this a contract size issue? Network is Celo (Baklava testnet). Same migrations works perfectly fine on Celo (Alfajores testnet).

Hi, i have an issue with truffle compile command, when i run it the build folder is created but it is empty, there is no abi inside. I tried to reinstall truffle but it doesnt help. Does anyone have same problem?
Hi Everyone.
I want to study blockchain.
Hi all
conflicted...do i stick with truffle or do i start a new project with hard hat.
Ryan Martin
hello all, i have been a accounting major for the past 3 years and only have till summer to graduate. How much progress on blockchain development is possible within a 6 month time frame?
Christian Peters

I'm trying to deploy to polygon with a config that is used to work. I'm already willing to pay a high fee, but nothing works.

matic: {
      provider: () => new HDWalletProvider({
        mnemonic: {
          phrase: process.env.MNEMONIC
        providerOrUrl: 'https://rpc-mainnet.maticvigil.com/v1/<ny',
      network_id: 137,
      confirmations: 2,
      timeoutBlocks: 2000,
      gas: 10000000,
      gasPrice: 150000000000,
      networkCheckTimeout: 10000000,

Is there something wrong here?

Chris Hughes
Hey everyone. I hope this is a quick question. I'm working on a personal project to use an ERC20 token to pay gas prices. I'm trying to use OpenGSN (find it here: https://opengsn.org/). OpenGSN works by wrapping the web3 provider, so I'll need to update the provider in truffle-config.js for my network. The problem is that the function OpenGSN provides to create a provider is asynchronous (returns a Promise). Does truffle-config.js support Promises for the provider setting?
@d_avantgarde_twitter have you tried using Infura or alchemy instead of maticvigil ?
I had the same issues with truffle... I'd recommend switching to hardhat
the hardhat config for polygon is dirt simple...
polygon: {
accounts: [PRIVATE_KEY],
saveDeployments: true,
RPC_URL pointing at Alchemy API in my case..
works great!
depoyed to Eth, rinkeby, kovan, polygon and mumbai with hardhat.. i really struggled with truffle.
oh, this is the truffle room, sorry to throw you under the bus.. just sharing my experience ;)
Suraj Nair

Hello all,

I am trying to deploy my contract to Polygon mainnet. But getting this error
Saving migration to chain.Error [ERR_UNHANDLED_ERROR]: Unhandled error. ({
code: -32603,
data: { originalError: { code: 'ESOCKETTIMEDOUT', connect: false } },
stack: 'Error: ESOCKETTIMEDOUT\n'
I can see the transaction in polygonscan, but the migration is not getting saved.

nice site @_cryptobabies_twitter
@XMASdaycoin thanks ;)
Watson Ladd
So I don't understand the decision to have truffle test require a separate migration step. Looking at the examples it seems that truffle has all the information it needs to deploy the contracts used by the test to local developer instance. I particularly don't understand how is supposed to work with constructors. Does my migration for testing need to call all constructors as would be used in the test
hello im having an issue downloading and installing ganache, terminal is outputting that electron-webpack does not exist despite installing it from https://github.com/electron-userland/electron-webpack-quick-start
any thoughts?
mpoletiek:matrix.org @mpoletiek:matrix.org waves
Can anyone help?
Duke Crypto
hi guys, does anyone here knows how to fix this error? "Unable to generate Contract ByteCode and ABI" - BSC
Hey, help me
I have question
hot to use improt keyword to import http link. example lmprot import "https://github.com/OpenZeppelin/openzeppelin-contracts/tree/master/contracts/token/ERC20/IERC20.sol"
Can anyone help?
Can anyone help?
@zekeluo Why don't you just install OZ Contracts using npm or yarn?
I know use install , but i want try colud import http or https into contracts
do u know @swkim109