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Jun 2014
David Kreuter
Jun 07 2014 12:11
Hey, I just found this chatroom. Just wanted to say that this project is awesome. I contributed three lines of code back in November, if you remember.
Yusuke Suzuki
Jun 07 2014 13:18
@dkreuter Oh, I remember that!
Thank you for your interest. I'm now considering
implementing LLVM based optimizing compiler
LLVM doesn't have nice interface for deoptimization (If I understand correctly),
But, now, LLVM has 2 features, stackmap & repatchpoint.
It allows MCJIT to implement
deoptimization (& type speculative JIT)
polymorphic inline cache on optimizing JIT
Currently lv5 already has baseline JIT, it has PolyIC & MonoIC.
But lv5 doesn't have optimizing JIT compiler (SSA based),
so, I think it's very nice to use LLVM MCJIT to support optimizing JIT compiler.
Yusuke Suzuki
Jun 07 2014 13:23
Currently I think what we need are,
  1. Adding high-level SSA based IR
  2. Adding deoptimization & type speculation on it
  3. Adding lowering path from it to LLVM IR
When I'm free, I'm planning to work on them :)