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Jun 2016
Lee T. Davy
Jun 25 2016 15:50
Mentioning here as well as elsewhere to get Forge TV update and OSVR 1.3 working together after discovering Cortex has Update to support Marshmallow today. Reading around see rumors of 6.0 near June 30, 2016 but wanted to add memo here for my records.
Also sent @chase-cobb messages to bring into the current conversation. I tried the HDK 1.3 moved HDMI to booted (on HDTV) Forge TV with 5.1.1 and it filled screen with garbage and /dev/ttyACM0 with streaming at signs along with display on off messages. Powered all down and wrote notes to connect the dots from past efforts.
Still no list of commands for the USB on dev ACM0 using screen under Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. Tried the settings for extended display and side-by-side and no change which was expected.
Removed or never added OSVR after 16.04 Studio upgrade in April.
Jun 25 2016 19:54
Is the Forge TV powerful enough to render VR stuff anyways?
Jun 25 2016 20:07
Oh I just took a second look at the stats. So it would work for like google cardboard levels of stuff? Would be sorta neat to strap to a belt for a self contained HMD