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Oct 2015
Dariusz Niemczyk
Oct 30 2015 09:16 UTC
@Sharparam right, sorry guys about the docs, guess I was thinking about examples but said docs, haha
@brandonscott I don't understand your point of view in this case, can you elaborate please? How does opensourcing an end-app makes it easier to maliciously attack users? It would be the case for serverside software or sth, but right now you're talking like you have some kind of backdoor in your snake ;)
Bart van Vliet
Oct 30 2015 12:24 UTC
@njbmartin It's a simple paint application to use on chroma keyboard, You can view the usage on in the release.
Bart van Vliet
Oct 30 2015 13:10 UTC
@Sharparam How do i start the Razer Chroma SDK .exe manually ?
RzSDKService.exe to be specific
Adam Hellberg
Oct 30 2015 16:54 UTC
@Kapulara not sure, Razer would probably recommend against doing it manually. The SDK should be available after installing the latest synapse (you should probably Uninstall previous SDK versions first)
Oct 30 2015 20:56 UTC
@Palid I believe he means malicious users who repackage the app with malware or some other nasty stuff