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Nov 2015
Ryan Hill
Nov 07 2015 03:09
Yea I figured that so that you can't send a 1000 int into the variable that wouldn't accept it.
var inttobyte = (byte)intvalue;
Ryan Hill
Nov 07 2015 03:19
How could you use Corale.Colore.Razer.DeviceInfo to see what devices or device is plugged in?
Ryan Hill
Nov 07 2015 03:41 Playing around with my deathadder. any thoughts on what i should add to this project?
Adam Hellberg
Nov 07 2015 13:34
@Aurous Using bytes for RGB values is nothing new, both System.Drawing.Color and System.Windows.Media.Color have FromArgb methods that take bytes
@Aurous Querying devices can be done with IChroma.Query, passing in the GUID of the device you want information about (found in the Devices class)
Dariusz Niemczyk
Nov 07 2015 14:46
IMHO instead of using Corale.Colore.Core.Color you should just use System.Drawing.Color :P
too much redundancy there