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Dec 2015
Roxas Keyheart
Dec 08 2015 06:21
It looks as though Razer just released a new version of the SDK (1.1.5) with new device compatibility. Will Colore work with these devices naturally or will we need to wait for an update before they are compatible?
Dariusz Niemczyk
Dec 08 2015 09:18
@roxaskeyheart why won't you release the code? I really don't understand why you guys want to work in private - sharing is caring!
especially in IT. ;)
Adam Hellberg
Dec 08 2015 16:48
@roxaskeyheart From looking at the docs quickly, it seems nothing has been changed other than some new device GUIDs being added. So everything save from querying the new devices should work. We'll be adding the new GUIDs in the next release
Dec 08 2015 19:58
@Palid If people think they've got a great idea they'll want to keep it's secrets tucked away. Like Chroma Sync has a few secrets in there I wouldn't want others to see. By that I mean it does some clever stuff, not snooping.
Dec 08 2015 22:03
@Palid I agree with @njbmartin. Especially with Chroma Sync and GameDog the API used with CS:GO and Dota is not publicly available and even so I thought about making GameDog open source I personally don't want to get in trouble with Valve for releasing something like that.