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Dec 2015
Dariusz Niemczyk
Dec 09 2015 09:25 UTC
@WolfspiritM I'd just contact Valve. If you're using something that wasn't intended to be public people may risk a VAC ban and Valve's pretty cool with community things.
@njbmartin that's the problem with clever things. You never know unless you see the code or decompile binary.
Dec 09 2015 10:45 UTC
@Palid There is a difference between using something that isn't public and making something that isn't public available to the public. There is no risk for a VAC ban, especially as Razer stands behind this two products. But the API is not intended to be used by the public otherwise they'd make it public.
Dariusz Niemczyk
Dec 09 2015 11:57 UTC
@WolfspiritM Still, I'd ask Valve. :)
Dec 09 2015 19:36 UTC
@Palid I was given the deets by Valve so we're definitely allowed to do it. Also it doesn't actually manipulate the game in any way so it's also fine. Plus, it's an API intended for eSports events, so definitely ok.