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Jan 2016
Jan 11 2016 20:21
Just a note: Uninit seems to work great since latest Chroma SDK release
Adam Hellberg
Jan 11 2016 20:25
They did a change that made it behave differently in the latest release IIRC, no longer requiring that the actual library instance be unloaded.
which is basically impossible to do for x86/x64 builds of colore (doable in AnyCPU due to it using dynamic loading instead of DllImport attributes which means we have full control of the library pointer)
to clarify, basically impossible to do in colore before this change
Jan 11 2016 20:30
yep, confirmed :)
happy as Larry
whoever Larry is
Brandon Scott
Jan 11 2016 20:35
Yep, absolutely fantastic.
Jan 11 2016 20:40
@WolfspiritM We should make sure to try uniting and reiniting multiple times and see if there are any issues
also be careful of using uninit while interacting with the SDK, threw an error for me and got messed up
though this was prior to 1.25
Brandon Scott
Jan 11 2016 20:47
Yes, we weren't giving support to this before 1.2.5