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Jan 2016
Liam Rabe
Jan 14 2016 17:11
I checked out @Aurous project, but i can't get ex. led 1 to light up on the firefly. when i use Corale.Colore.Razer.Mousepad.Led led1(led1, color); i get the "The type or namespace name 'Led' does not exist in the namespace 'Corale.Colore.Razer.Mousepad' (are you missing an assembly reference?)" error
Adam Hellberg
Jan 14 2016 17:16
@Volbeatz the mousepad doesn't have named LEDs, it only uses indices
Liam Rabe
Jan 14 2016 17:17
how can i use these indeces?
Brandon Scott
Jan 14 2016 18:29
@Volbeatz Hey
Do you just want to be able to set a specific part of the Mousepad?
If so you can do Corale.Colore.Core.Mousepad.Instance[0] = Color.Red;
Liam Rabe
Jan 14 2016 18:36
@brandonscott yes omg, thank you! :D,
Brandon Scott
Jan 14 2016 18:50
You're welcome :)
And then yeah, just change the index depending on which bit
Jan 14 2016 19:25
You're Welcome