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May 2016
May 19 2016 16:58
Hey guys, I'm pretty new to programming and started by learning C++ and java. Right now I'm trying to figure out how to make a small program to get a static effect with an overlying reactive effect on my Firefly. My problem is that I don't understand the big programs I found on the internet, which change a lot of things. Do you know any tutorials I could watch or do you have a programm which only sets a static color for me to look at and try to understand it?
Brandon Scott
May 19 2016 17:00
Have a look at the Corale.Colore.Tester project
it shows how to use each effect
Adam Hellberg
May 19 2016 17:24
The wiki page for getting started also covers some more basic topics to get up and running with Colore
May 19 2016 17:28
Thank you very much. I think this stuff will serve me well in the next few hours.