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Feb 2018
Feb 16 2018 19:57
Hi, just a small question: Is there a way for a key's color to fade to black after being pressed, I have tried searching but could not find anything on it. My current code for setting the key is this: private void SetKey()
//create key instance
var key = KeyboardCustom.Create();
        //get color
        int[] rgb = GetColor(RandomColor);

        //package color
        Color c = new Color((byte)rgb[0], (byte)rgb[1], (byte)rgb[2]);

        //get key
        int[] index = GetKey();

        //package color and key
        key[index[0], index[1]] = c;

        //apply packaged info

Adam Hellberg
Feb 16 2018 22:33
@FyreDemon405 you'll have to make the key darker and darker yourself until it reaches black, by darkening the color every 10ms for example with a timer or similar