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Mar 2018
Mar 16 2018 18:29
Hi! I just got the Tiamat V2 and I was wondering how to set different colors for each grid. In this case there are 3 grids (I think). Right earcup, left earcup and the controller.
I don't know if the controller is diveded into different sections too, because you can appy a wave effect in synapse 2. Haven't fount the grid profile for the V2, but Razer SDK has implemented custom grid settings for headset, but there isn't any option for that in Colore. Would it be possible to implement this?
Adam Hellberg
Mar 16 2018 19:31
@Pet0203 the custom effect for headsets is missing from v5.2.0 of Colore, an oversight on our part. It will be included in v6.0.0
i'm not sure yet on when a stable v6.0.0 will be out, but you can get the prerelease versions from myget here:
if you use the pre-release versions, please let us know if you discover any bugs!
it should be relatively stable by now, but not everything has been fully tested yet
also note that the API has changed drastically in the new version, you can check an updated getting started guide here: (also, IntelliSense is your friend)