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Mar 2018
Mar 23 2018 22:57

I also tried to contact you on razer forums few days ago, since I didn't know about this room back then, but this here seems to be the main form of contact :)

Basically, I'm trying to create custom effect for razer HDK LED Strip and for the life of me, I cannot find any information on it whatsoever. I know how to create custom effects for keyboard an such, but I'm looking for one for the LED strip. They mentioned on the forums that they used the special plugs just to allow individual LED control, so that should be possible.

Mar 23 2018 23:02
Oops, wanted to add a new line, sorry.
Well, continuing, after jumping through the documentation, I expect I should use ChromaLink.CustomEffect but what should I use to specify what the effect should do? In my specific case, I want to add some nice integration for my AI gaming assistant app, with speech synthesis, and I wanted to create a nice animated effect to have the LEDs light up to the Speech Synthesis audio level. I guess you could call it a peak meter. Again, I know how to do it for keyboard, but led strips seem to be handled differently for some reason..