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Apr 2018
Christian Georgiev
Apr 08 2018 01:02
Hi, so im having problems with corale on c#
So i have imported Corale and was trying to test it on a razer keyboar but the problem is i keep getting '' dose not exist in the current context, the error could be simple to fix but im not so good in c#
Adam Hellberg
Apr 08 2018 03:38
@thechrisgeorgiev did you add it via NuGet, and are you adding the necessary using statements and/or using the fully qualified name to access it? (Visual Studio should auto-suggest adding the using statement but maybe it's not for some reason)
try doing something like (if on v5.2.0 of Colore): Corale.Colore.Core.Chroma.Instance.Keyboard.SetAll(Corale.Colore.Core.Color.Red); (this is using fully qualified names for everything)