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Repo info
    Boško Stupar
    is_dir() expects parameter 1 to be a valid path, array given
    is there a fix ?
    Tested on Homestead machine if you want to reproduce and laravel 4.2
    Boško Stupar
    Ok I solved the problem
    Chris Bautista
    Hi @shkabo how did you fix it?
    @chrisbjr I’d also love to know the fix. Looks like the config variables aren’t being read, even when I manually publish your config file
    Boško Stupar
    also update packagist .. it's pulling commit from 12th March .. and not the latest one where you had some additional fixes ..
    Boško Stupar
    As for the name the problem is with $this->fileName = $this->input->getOption('database') . '_' . time() . '.' . $database->getFileExtension();
    line 42 in file src/Commands/BackupCommand.php
    it expects that you pass an argument within command --database=mysql but if you don't provide it you just get _ time().sql file. My guess is that you should rework that part from ground up :)
    @shkabo yeah, I can’t modify the vendor files directly though.
    Chilion Snoek
    Is this package for L5?
    DigiOz Multimedia
    I am looking for a Laravel 5.4 compatible version as well. Does anyone know if there are any immediate plans for this?
    hello every body.i'm looking for backup database when button click in laravel
    who can help me?
    please tell me how can i do that?
    no body knows?