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Marcelo Caetano
I don't think so... it only supports till ARMv4
Raspberry Pi is ARMv6
although old code should work on new processors
its list has Raspberry-Pi VideoCore IV but the line that says "architecture ARMv1 to ARMv4, including THUMB mode" let me disappointed
actually taking all the RPi models in consideration we have ARMv8 in use as well
but I think binaries developed with ARMv6 ISA would work well on ARMv8
arm is backwards compat right? But yeah, generally we want smoething that is current and well maintained.
Matthijs ter Woord
not sure on backwards compat..
afaict, it has a lot of variables
fpu or not, different kinds of fpu's
Marcelo Caetano
it is not completely backwards compat... there are some old thumb instructions not supported on newest versions
there are some issues with the way some instructions are used prior to ARMv6 related to alignment
But I hope there is a way to use the ARMv8 ISA that it can run in AArch32 state and maintain compat for a lot of processor versions
ok, can you or someone evalute the ARM assemblers and narrow it down to a few viable candidates?
Matthijs ter Woord
we'd also need to decide on a minimum arm version we want to target?
Marcelo Caetano
yes @czhower
Matthijs ter Woord
@marcelocaetano We need a way to emit binaries, but with symbol support, so we know what symbols are at what locations
Marcelo Caetano
ok @mterwoord
@mterwoord regarding your question about the arm version we want to target, I want to check out if we use ARMv8 T32 and A32 instructions we can at least support all Raspberry Pi versions
including RPi Zero
Marcelo Caetano
I'm going to start evaluating the Keil armasm because I already have it installed in my computer
Matthijs ter Woord
iirc pi zero is arm6?
Marcelo Caetano
it is armv6
Can I ask, what is X# used for?
Matthijs ter Woord
its a higher level assembler language
to speed up assembler development
oh, I see

We have decided to move to a discord server! Please head over there to discuss everything X# related.