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    It is data inside of a BTC TX.
    This message was deleted
    Pablo V
    is there any library to parse XCP txs for nodejs?
    Joe Looney
    Bob McElrath
    Anyone going to Scaling Bitcoin?
    Chris DeRose
    I've thought about doing a node library for that, been a bit strapped for time though lately
    @loon3 and I discussed that at some point...
    Pablo V
    well, as I found nothing, I ported the tx encoder & decoder myself, if somebody wants to keep porting feel free to grab them
    @loon3 I definitely checked your repo, but it was too jquerish for my taste :) (and just needed the encoding parts btw)
    Joe Looney
    hahaha @aynik, no worries, the encoding/decoding parts are the meat of it anyway
    Pablo V
    umm, is it possible to spend multisig dust created by counterparty? I'm trying to push this tx with no success http://vpaste.net/SGRRf
    Pablo V
    it turned out bitcore was not able to build a bare multisig input, here's a patch to do it https://github.com/17Q4MX2hmktmpuUKHFuoRmS5MfB5XPbhod/node-dropzone/blob/master/patches/bitcore.patch#L14-L72

    counterpartyd became very unstable last few days, our nodes often stuck syncroniously for 10-30 minutes. As we see, this affects not only our nodes (Blockscan experienced problems at the same time all the time).

    Also, we get "30 seconds timeout" error for every third request to counterpartyd.

    Any thougths how to fix, or at least to make counterpartyd more stable?

    However, it seems that "counterwallet.io" works nice...
    Robby Dermody
    what version?
    run the new develop, it should work fine
    the 10-30 minute unresponsiveness is probably due to reorgs, which develop branch fixes
    Counterwallet not working at all for anyone else? Getting errors like this everytime I try and send anything

    "failoverAPI: Call failed (failed over across all servers). Method: broadcast_tx; Last error: JSON-RPC Error:
    Type: Server error

    Code: -32000

    Message: Bad status code returned: '500'. result body: '{"result":null,"error":{"code":-26,"message":"64: non-mandatory-script-verify-flag (No error)"},"id":0} '."

    Robby Dermody
    @/all Development chat has moved to slack. Please sign up for the counterparty slack at http://slack.counterparty.io/
    Ori Newman
    Hi, I try to install counterparty but I get this error: "pkg_resources.VersionConflict: (pip 1.5.6 (/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages), Requirement.parse('pip>=8.1.0'))". Someone knows how to solve this?
    Edward Crisler

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