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When creating an issuance (create_issuance), what are the parameters for the no fee asset name i.e. min number of numbers after 'A'? If a custom name is used, how would payment via XCP be handled through the API?
can anyone relate to this issue? counterparty server keeps having timeout issue, i check requests version
the issue seems to be inconsistent and the memory usage is very high
i tried update cli, lib ... boostrap, reparse, all the options
Mark Mayer
@Kimmsudenver yes, counterparty server is running with high memory because bitcoin is being spammed and the mempool is very large. It is not just you. :)
Nelson Castillo
This is an interesting issue. Counterparty needs the whole mempool to know which outputs can be used for new TXs.
Nelson Castillo
I just opened an issue: CounterpartyXCP/counterparty-lib#783 ("Unbounded RAM usage?").
Nelson Castillo
I think that a workaround is to set minrelaytxfee to the minimum fee that Counterparty uses. But this has a few caveats (It won't work for everybody).
Nelson Castillo
For what I am doing right now, minrelaytxfee=5000 should work. I thik the default is 1000.
I'll test and report back.
Nelson Castillo
bitcoin-0.10.2/bin/bitcoind -minrelaytxfee=0.00005 -- counterparty-server started. Let's see how much the pool grows. It was 50M before changing this setting. (This works for what I need to do now, but it might not work for some other use case).
Adam Krellenstein
@arhuaco +1
Lisa Cheng
I'm having issues with counterwallet
not sure if i should file a support ticket as my wallet was created before may 2014 @adamkrellenstein
Adam Krellenstein
@lisacheng it depends on the kind of wallet; feel free to sweep the funds to another address if you want to be sure the age isn't a problem
Per Omon
counterwallet.io have some login issues? I can log in with my new password to coindaddy wallet but not to cw.io
Robby Dermody
@/all Development chat has moved to slack. Please sign up for the counterparty slack at http://slack.counterparty.io/
hi all
is there a way to calculate btc needed to send asset?
i see some transaction in my wallet that need 0.006 btc
Insufficient BTC at ..(Need approximately 0.00669602 BTC.)
other needs less
Insufficient BTC at address . (Need approximately 0.00105841 BTC.)
Ori Newman
Hi, I try to install counterparty but I get this error: "pkg_resources.VersionConflict: (pip 1.5.6 (/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages), Requirement.parse('pip>=8.1.0'))". Someone knows how to solve this?
Is it still required to reindex bitcoin blockchain after kickstarting counterparty?