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    Hi quick question here, why does this not work? https://min-api.cryptocompare.com/data/histoday?fsym=BTC&tsym=USD&limit=30&e=binance. Im trying to get the exchange data from binance of btc/usd
    Nvm found out binance doesn't have usd pairing
    I'm trying to use the websocket streamer api documented here: https://www.cryptocompare.com/api/#-api-web-socket- . It seems the prices that come back are always the last trade price. Is there a way to get streaming bid and ask data?
    Paul The Cryptonian 🚀
    hello everyone, Please Fix somebody Pundi X stats on CMC
    coin in top 100 and no stats, NPXS is on IDEX so make it clear please
    Crypto Piece
    This message was deleted
    Justin Schneider
    quick question: Do you guys what the time delay is for updating the daily history data? Seems that when I make an API call for recent history data close to midnight GMT I get 0 values for the most recent day.
    Erhan Abibula

    Hello again @vcealicu, I think the pricing hourly rate limit is "useless" because it can't be reached due to the fact that the minute limit is too low.

    Currently the pricing minute limit is set to 1000 and the hour limit is set to 150,000.

    1,000 * 60 = 60,000 requests/hour at maximum so the 150k request limit can't be reached.

    just wanted you to maybe recheck this again :P. Otherwise, the new api docs are amazing. Thanks for the great work! :)
    Vlad Cealicu
    @pfzero yeah, you are correct, i'll update it now to Price: { Hour: 100000, Minute: 2000, Second: 50 },
    @JustinS68621719_twitter yeah, daily data gets updated each 20 minutes so for the first 20 minutes of the day there is no data
    Erhan Abibula
    Woah, that was fast! Thanks again @vcealicu ! :)
    Lior Rabin
    Hello everyone, I have a few questions would love to get answered:
    1. How is the price calculated? Is it always ETH to USD and then to other FIAT? How is the USD to other FIAT calculated? where is it taken from?
    2. When we don't specify a specific exchange, the price is an average of all exchanges?
    3. Can we get ask, bid and last prices?
    Erhan Abibula
    @LiorRabin_twitter Hi! I've been using cryptocompare api for quite a long time.
    1. The price for a single pair is calculated on average from all the exchanges that support that pair (afaik). So if you have 10 exchanges that support pair "ETH:EUR" then the price will be the average of the last trades for each exchange - ie. Echange 1 - 1€, Exchange 2 - 2€, Exchange 3 - 3€ .. Exchange 10 - 10€, then the price you'll receive via cryptocompare api will be the average of the 10 exchange - 5€; However, if you also set the e (exchange) parameter in the query (and for example you specify &e=Exchange 10) then the price returned will be 10€.
    2. Yes. The price is an average of all exchanges that support the pair asked for. (eg. fsym=ETH&tsym=EUR - average price of all exchanges where the pair ETHEUR is supported)
    3. No, only the last price (cached for 10 seconds). Bid and ask prices (and even last price within a time window of less than 10 seconds) can be queried only via exchange API.
    Erhan Abibula

    @vcealicu I've seen that when querying for price multi (or price multi full) if we add 1 valid coin and the rest are invalid, no error is returned and the response includes only the valid coins.

    eg. https://min-api.cryptocompare.com/data/pricemultifull?fsyms=BTC&tsyms=USD,LOLZ -> returns that only for BTCUSD and nothing for BTCLOLZ (because it doesn't exist); Wouldn't be better if all pairs are checked first rather than omitting the non-existent ones?

    Vlad Cealicu
    @pfzero it does check them first and remove them before i try to get the data. But it's better for backwards compatibility to return a response for the existing ones rather than returning an error
    Hi guys, thanks for your amazing work here.
    Since yesterday I get a strange error when reading API data via PHP json_decode. After a while and with no real reason I get a syntax error on the JSON string. Are you aware of any issue? "html_entity_decode" is used on the curl result before decoding it.
    What is really strange, is that the timespan is different from time to time - once it takes hours, once only a couple of minute.
    Thanks in advance for your help here!
    Hi Cryptocompare Team, can I talk to an admin here?
    hello all
    Luke Gehring
    Hello, can anyone explain what volumeto and volumefrom from historical data are and what the difference between them is?
    helllo all.
    Alex Soong
    Hey team, looks like pricing data for KNC is not being returned via the API
    Stopped working for me as of 12:54, can someone confirm?
    Erhan Abibula
    Hi @VcsAgency_twitter
    Pranay Airan
    Hi, i was wondering if there is any other way to get price list without a limit? the current api https://min-api.cryptocompare.com/data/pricemulti?fsyms=BTC,ETH&tsyms=USD,EUR has restriction of 300 char for fsyms. But i might have use cases where i want to get price of more currencies, i don't want to call same api multiple time.
    any news with NANO?
    whats your criteria to add a coin to the site?
    could you add https://piperchain.io/ ?
    theyre currently tracked by coingecko but that ticker doesnt allow you to filter by exchange like cryptocompare does... :(
    Hello. Any way to add coin to crypto-compare?
    Coraline Garrido
    Hello I would like to know what would be the cost for a sponsored PR, sponsored articles if you do them , the terms and conditions and how to submit the materials of CryptoCompare
    Ankit 🚀
    This message was deleted
    This is CoinTiger platform which is a global and innovatiove crypto asset exchange that provides multi-crypto-currency trading service in multi-language to blockchain enthusiasts around the world , this is the intrduction www.cointiger.com . How can add CoinTiger on Exchange channel of CryptoCompare?
    Ether Bot
    Hello CryptoCompare. Can someone please update my information I sent in to update Litecoin Cash LCC Logo and description. Thank you.
    Knut Petter Meen
    This message was deleted
    Vasil Profirov
    Hello, it seems that I can't find if CryptoCompare have an android app...is it so?
    BRAMILLE Sébastien
    Hello CryptoCompare
    An admin is around?

    Hello CryptoCompare, I just stumbled on the following inconsistency of your API:

    If I go to the homepage (https://www.cryptocompare.com/coins/clam/charts/BTC) I see a CLAM-BTC price of 0.0002614, but when I use the API (current price or historical prices, doesn' t matter) I get with https://min-api.cryptocompare.com/data/price?fsym=CLAM&tsyms=BTC the result {"BTC":0.0001468}

    Since those two numbers are completely different, whats the problem here? I also checked different markets and none of them has something below 0.0002...
    If I poll historical data I also get most recent prices around 0.0001468... One thing which is weird, when in the result of historical markets I get: "ConversionType":{"type":"multiply","conversionSymbol":"ETH"}, so maybe this is the problem?

    Peter⚡️INS Ecosystem⚡️
    Hello, any admin from CryptoCompare team here?
    Need support!
    Hello CryptoCompare we see Android app
    hey guys, where can i get the mining endpoint for cryptocompare's api
    i can't seem to find it on the official site
    Joel Hennessy
    Is anyone in here good at Solidity?
    Been trying to figure out whether this 5 ETH contract is breakable: https://etherscan.io/address/0x63d3d0215922b924c782c7b2a351ef8604e18da7
    Pranay Airan
    any one know if we can get ticker for a coin for all exchange? I want to show price of say bitcoin from all exchange something like https://www.cryptocompare.com/coins/btc/markets/USD
    Crypto Compare report on 269K trading pairs on their API