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Garik Suess
You could however achieve your use case with S3, i think
i mean unless im missing some detail
upload the file to S3, use AWS lambda to generate a ZIP that users can download
adds the benefit that your users will not need a dropbox account
Ryan Harris
Well the end user needs to be able to select which images they want. I started with that approach but too many trips to the server and back
Garik Suess
select from where?
Ryan Harris
From the album
Hi Guys, I'm looking for a solution to upload very large 0-10Gb files to the cloud securely. Does this library support upload chunks or a way that uploads can be pause or interrupted then carried on again later?
Garik Suess
which cloud? s3, google?
Marios Antonoudiou
Hi guys, I could use some help for #124
Would you like to guide me from there?
Mirza Joldic
Hi, how do I pass additional information to uploader.send()? I want to associate the uploaded document with another document id, not the user.
Mirza Joldic
Found it under : Add meta-context to your uploads
Prateek Gupta
guys, anyone has a complete working demo of edgee:slingshot, which could demonstrate all different features of this package? thanks
would be really helpful for people like who have just started out with meteor
@prateek0103 I second that. I could use a quick start tutorial on the plugin.
Quick question, how would use slingshot with ffmpeg to convert a wav file to ogg after upload?
@prateek0103 second that
I am getting
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'files' of null
can we upload file direct to server with qickform?
Hi all =)
anybody here?
hello anyone knows how to import files from s3 using torch?
i mean aws s3
I'm struggling to setup slingshot in my meteor project(meteor-kitchen) , what I have found up to now are not specific for meteor integration.Some serious help is needed particularly where to put certain files.thanks
@bob360 can you be more specific about the issue you are facing?
Fact is, there is no specific integration of Cloudinary for Meteor.I have tried almost every single atmosphere package, and followed Cloudinary not so clear instruction, to set it up.Endup freezing server and spending lots of time debugging.Worst,is when to figure out where to put a file,helpers,events,rendered,client,server.Do
Looking to ease out my frustrations
@bob360 I have done upload to Google Cloud Storage (GCS), but if you're trying to upload to Cloudinary... then it is beyond what I have experience on. All the best!
tks anyway,what package did you use for google? I could maybe use the same one ,just by changing the parameters/
@bob360 slingshot supports GCS, i just use it in my application. I did create a UI control for it based on MDL - might be some useful reference in the package - https://github.com/kctang/mdl-ui-upload/.
I finally set up with cloudinary .tks
Ben Jones
Has anyone got any got techniques for migrating from cfs -> slingshot? (In our case we're using gridFS)
Illya Havsiyevych
using slingshot for uploads to AWS S3
have 2 questions:
  • can I reuse signature creation for listoperation
  • can I extend uploading to use client side encryption keys
Sam Pereless
which is better - elevateddesign or the timbrandin one?
Jake Lacey
Hello, Is anybody able to assist me?
Jake Lacey
Exception in delivering result of invoking 'slingshot/uploadRequest': TypeError: Cannot read property 'response' of undefined
has anyone had this error before
Jake Lacey
its okay O've fixed it
But its truly concerning how inactive this repo is :\
Rustam Salavatov
Hi, help me please i getting error "Cannot read property 'size' of undefined" and "Uncaught Error: Not a file"
Kris Haamer
Hey everyone
What's the guidance, which fork should be used?