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    Thibauld Favre
    Hey Elad 👋 You should really get in touch with Michael Zargham (https://twitter.com/mzargham) he's also working on the topic but, instead of applying traditional mathematical finance to Bonding Curves, he's using methods issued from complex systems (that he used to use in robotics) with great results! He's in Berlin for the BBW so you have no reason not to chat :)
    Thibauld Favre
    (goes without saying but obviously I'd be happy to put you in touch with him if you'd like me to)
    Elad Verbin
    Thanks @thibauld ! I caught up with Michael here, and will run this by him.
    Are you in Blockchain Week by any chance?
    Seena Z
    Not sure who launched this on PH today, but thought you would like it @simondlr :) https://artee.ai/?ref=producthunt
    AI generated Tshirt shop
    I feel like I could improve on this model alot and make it something people want to partake in... Any ideas on what it would take? :sweat_smile:
    Jesse B Miller
    TCG cards, RPG Spells/Feats/classes, FPS guns/abilities, video game levels/characters. In general, metadata for metadata driven systems.

    Hey everybody, if you weren't able to catch the Commons Stack presentations at Berlin Blockchain Week, this is a good catch up on our application of Token Engineering to design the Augmented Bonding Curve as a continuous funding mechanism for communities and open source projects:


    Paul Kohlhaas
    Curation markets call is about to kick-off if anyone's around! Commons Stack, Molecule and Elad Verbin on mathematical models for bonding curves will be presenting!
    Darrell Duane
    Hello everyone!
    Hey @AndreasS2501 !
    @DarrellDuane Curious to hear all about it!

    If anyone here hasn't heard about the Trusted Seed that was just launched by the Commons Stack, this article about healthy initialization conditions for DAOs is worth a read (and an application!):


    Have a good weekend, all!


    Another article out from the Commons Stack, on the tools of Token Engineering and a community invitation! Claps always welcome =)

    As #TokenEngineers, we have a professional social responsibility to ensure the safety of those using permissionless public infrastructure. This is why we supported the open sourcing of #cadCAD and invite you to create the first continuously funded cyber-physical commons: the Token Engineering Commons


    I have talked about bonding curves to senior execs at Bitgo, Block.One and Fenbushi. They all like the concept
    Spencer Graham

    Has anybody out there worked on a protocol that uses a work token distributed/managed by a bonding curve?

    (For those unfamiliar, a work token is a token that grants its owner the right to perform and collect revenues for some kind of work, eg Livepeer, Keep, taxi medallions)

    Hey everyone, pardon the shill, but we reached a big milestone today. Relevant Tokens are now on Uniswap and you can earn real money by using the app ;) https://blog.relevant.community/announcing-the-relevant-token-betting-game-4f1d471d4bca
    If you're unfamiliar with Relevant, here is a TLDR:
    Relevant is a modified curation market. Users can stake on posts using bonding curve logic, but stake does not determine post rankings. Staking is is similar to betting on the post's ranking in a prediction market. Post rankings are determined via a pagerank-based reputation system.
    Simon de la Rouviere
    Amazing stuff @balasan!
    thanks @simondlr :)

    Happy new year all! New piece out from the Commons Stack for anyone interested =)

    Read up on the #CyberPhysicalCommons, a cultural and technical framework to empower the commons. These customizable templates will enable communities to apply Ostrom's nobel-prize winning principles for effective collaboration towards shared goals:


    Devon Krantz
    Hi All :)
    Molecule Catalyst will be launching LIVE on mainnet on 16 January 18h00 CET and we'd like to invite you to take part in the live online event with us.
    The past year has been extremely exciting for our project and we are really proud to finally share what we have been working on with you and with the world.
    Please join us for:
    🔬 A live online demo of the Catalyst App
    👋 Meeting the team
    🍄 Learning more about the first research project we're launching on psilocybin
    🌟A deep dive into using Token Bonding Curves to fund research
    ⁉️ ASK US ANYTHING session at the end
    RSVP here to receive the invite: https://forms.gle/MaurPynuaG76tnPv6
    hey hello what is this room about

    Cyber-Physical Commons aim to address 4 recurring DAO issues seen in the space today. Check out the latest from the Commons Stack:


    Kacper Wikieł
    Maybe curation markets aren't 100% dead yet
    https://ideamarket.io/ <- works but no traction, are there any curation market with say $10k+ of capital invested in them?
    Mark Wilcox
    Curation markets are live and well! I launched a metanetwork in January called 21e8. It's similar to Numerai's Erasure project (or Google Pagerank) but uses Proof of Work instead of crypto deposits. You can curate digital assets by mining tags like emojis or other symbols onto the checksum and outsource it to the blockchain. https://pow.market
    There is some info up at https://master-plan.21e8.nz - will be expanding this over time
    All the adoption so far has been on bitcoin sv but it will be interesting to see adoption from other proof of work chains

    Hey folks! I've been reading up on bonding curves and curation markets the last few months and find the ideas very fascinating. Can anyone point me to good reference implementations in solidity?

    This (https://github.com/lsaether/bonding-curves) is one of the better ones that I've found, but uses solidity 0.4. I'm kind of surprised there is something like an openzeppelin for BCs -- have I just not stumbled across it yet? Any tips would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

    This is a pretty good reference repo, may be a bit out of date by now though: https://github.com/BenSchZA/awesome-bonding
    Any news about the curation markets?
    What are the application cases for curation market?
    Wormhole3 is trying to build a decentralized curation market. https://alpha.wormhole3.io/