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Hey there, I´m using the datepicker in an angular application, I want to initialise the values in the input field each time according to the ones that were last used. I do have function to get the values that were last used, but I can´t set them. They stay at current date.
Neha Kadam
@karolinkaIn Have you seen Angular Demo?
If it does not solve your issue please let me know.
Neha Kadam
CuriousSolutions/DateTimePicker#40 may help you.
i am using your datetimepicker plugin
it is very cool
but can you help me please to set min date and min time
i just want to set min date today and min time + 2 hourse later
Neha Kadam

    dateTimeFormat: "dd-MM-yyyy HH:mm:ss",

    addEventHandlers: function()
        var oDTP = this;
        var date_min = new Date();
        date_min.setHours(date_min.getHours() + 2);
        oDTP.settings.minDateTime = oDTP.getDateTimeStringInFormat("DateTime", "dd-MM-yyyy HH:mm:ss", date_min);
Hi @celalkasli , please try above code
Hello. Is there a way to make the increment and decrement buttons to work rapidly? I mean can I make them increase or decrease the number as long as I keep pressing the buttons?
Any idea?
Neha Kadam
I think you want something like incrementing datetime as long as button is pressed without lifting finger. This cannot be achieved since click event is captured. To achieve this increment and decrement event handlers should be attached to Long Press event.
Oh yes, exactly. Can you show me how to that?
Neha Kadam
It can be achieved using javascript touch events, but it will be little time consuming. Some longpress event detection library can also be used like (jquery-longpress)[https://github.com/vaidik/jquery-longpress]
Oh, thank you :))
Neha Kadam
@Dicle123 Please use DateTimePicker.js file and try Mobile-TouchHold.js example on Mobile or Chrome Responsive Design View. Please reply whether it is working well so that I can add this to repo
i have a question, the anypicker functioning is similiar that dateTimepicker?
Neha Kadam
Hi Deivid,
AnyPicker and DateTimePicker both have similar functionality. There is a difference in UI, UI Interaction and navigation. You can download both and try.
hello everyone
I'd like to know will bootstrap datetimepicker be self-adaption?
Thanks for any advice & help!
Nisansala R

I need to dynamically change the header text.
When I select 'To date' I need to change the header text to "To Date"and when I select 'From date' I need to change the header text to "From Date". How can I do this??

currently I have used it like this.

##dtBox .dtpicker-header:before {
    content: 'Select from date.';