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Jun 2015
John Mee
Jun 09 2015 09:16
@cmd-ntrf When I did make html for the docs/sphinx it spat out a zillion warnings that bemoaned you need to upgrade this chunk of code to python 3—the change in syntax of around exceptions was particularly noisy. Then I realised that to install on py3 it is actually py2 code run through 2to3? I probably could get away with a documentation change, but to squelch all the warnings and just wing it—tendering a pull request which had not actually been tested on py2—was all the discouragement I needed.
Félix-Antoine Fortin
Jun 09 2015 20:38

@johnmee Sorry you got discouraged. I have observed what you described and have open a new issue on that matter DEAP/deap#81.

There is not much code left in DEAP that is out of the box incompatible with Python 3, and for documentation compilation the two culprits are print and exception. Print can be addressed easily, exception not so much.