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Jun 2015
John Mee
Jun 15 2015 07:58

Hello again.

I'm having "fun" with the ADF's. We're following a strict Kosa model of ADF's and Result Producing Branch (RPB), and I've had no great problems implementing dynamic numbers of ADF's in each individual such that the RPB calls the ADF's.

But I'm having difficulty getting the ADF's to refer to each other (laying them out hierarchically such that ADF0pset = primitives, ADF1pset = primitives + ADF0, ADF2pset = prims + ADF1 + ADF0... etc.) I don't see why it wouldn't work, but given how much trouble I'm having getting it right I'm starting to wonder...

  1. Am I wasting my time? If I can actually get the psets arranged correctly will the ADF's call each other?
  2. For the compilation of the expression, rather than lambdify-ing it, has anyone ventured into trying to use the AST module in conjuction with deap?


John Mee
Jun 15 2015 13:03
Sorry for the noise, but disregard the first question: answer is 'yes it will work, no, not wasting my time', but still interested in anything relating to the second question (using AST).