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Thank you for your concern.I will try it after I have free.
I start a webPacs project.The front-end is based on cornerstone.My Server(back-end) is a java httpServer.
The server just return back dicom image as a base64 string.But the speed from server to front-end is slow.
I'm thinking to use dicomCloud as back-end server. But I don't know how dicomcloud solve this problem?
Can anyone help me? @Zaid-Safadi
Zaid Safadi

@zhan2016 the DICOMcloud server is designed for this type of scenario and the DICOMweb-js client also uses cornerstone. Speed won't be a problem as the code is optimized and send the dicom images in their native format (with almost any transferSyntax you pick) with no conversion to base64 needed. Have you tried the instructions on the DICOMcloud project README to run the code locally?

Once you store an image, you can retrieve it directly with a WADO URL such as: https://yourdomain/wadouri?RequestType=wado&studyUID=studyInstanceUID&seriesUID=seriesInstanceUID&objectUID=sopInstanceUID&contentType=application/dicom

Wow,thank you first. I will try it and do some benchmark. Can we use more means to speed up the transfer speed for poor network. Can you advise me some solution, For example, image Layered display? @Zaid-Safadi
Some areas of our customers have a poor Network infrastructure. @Zaid-Safadi
Zaid Safadi
sure @zhan2016 , the code is optimized for streaming as it does all the work necessary on the store. To speed up the transfer, you can configure the store to pre-cache images in any transfers syntax you like so when you request the image for streaming, no transformation is done on the server side. It literally will use the parameters to construct the path of the dicom image and return it to the client. Once you have the server up and running let me know what cases you run into.
ok, Thank you. I will test dicomcloud from today. How to understand pre-cache images? How does this operation speed up transfer? @Zaid-Safadi
Zaid Safadi
@zhan2016 , by default you won't need to do anything, but if you want to see how this feature works, take a look at the StoreCommand here at the end of the file, you will see the StorageSettings class prepopulated with the pre-cached images