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Repo info
    Wogan May
    Any particular reason I'm here?
    I just invited people who have starred this repo
    Wogan May
    Ah, I see
    Feel free to leave
    That might sound a bit harsh, its not intended to lol
    Wogan May
    Dmitry Ananichev
    hey there!
    Dan Jasnowski
    I was gonna use the Steam API to make a DayZ trading outpost website... but alas...
    Yeah Steam are only exposing endpoints for there oan games at the minute
    Is this still developed?
    There is a lack of documentation on it.
    I am going to make an website like csgojackpot.com and i want to use steam api where can i get it and how to use while i have steam api key.
    Travis Blasingame
    anyone is welcome to use the laravel one
    Is it me or is this badly documented? How am I passing SteamIDs into this?
    Some of these commands don't appear to append the API key to the get request? USER commands.
    Technically prepend I think.
    Supplied an array $steamids
    $result = $steam->run(new \Steam\Command\User\GetPlayerBans($steamids));
    Errror: 'Client error: GET http://api.steampowered.com/ISteamUser/GetPlayerBans/v1?steamids=76**1197**5761299%2C76561197**043**30 resulted in a 400 Bad Request
    Stars in IDs = anonymity
    I will grant you that there isn't much documentation because really there isn't much more to write about. All the class commands are, as far as I'm concerned, easy enough to understand just by reading them.
    I have just updated the readme to reflect the new changes, which I failed to do last time I updated the code to use the newest version of Guzzle (6.1). I have included in the readme how to set your steam key if that was what you are missing.
    Дмитрий Мязин
    Gio Peralta
    Hey sir, im doing my undergraduate thesis and i need to get data from a live game using its match id. is that possible?