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Repo info
  • Jan 25 2019 17:29
    RedDestroer opened #756
  • Jan 21 2019 18:18

    jeremydmiller on master

    version updates, latest Alba (compare)

  • Jan 15 2019 01:29
    jeremydmiller commented #754
  • Dec 21 2018 09:14
    danjacka opened #755
  • Dec 21 2018 09:09
    danjacka opened #754
  • Dec 21 2018 09:08
    danjacka opened #753
  • Dec 05 2018 13:55
    jmcgowan85cc opened #752
  • Nov 28 2018 14:33
    jokokko opened #751
  • Nov 02 2018 07:34
    nvcken opened #750
  • Aug 29 2018 12:22
    jokokko opened #749
  • Aug 20 2018 15:09

    jeremydmiller on master

    cleaning up the icon urls (compare)

  • Aug 20 2018 14:47

    jeremydmiller on master

    very, very basic dotnet new tem… basic dotnet template seems to … better icons in nuget package (compare)

  • Aug 20 2018 13:47
    jeremydmiller closed #748
  • Aug 20 2018 13:47

    jeremydmiller on master

    Closes GH-748 The run command is now the defa… (compare)

  • Aug 20 2018 13:38
    jeremydmiller commented #748
  • Aug 20 2018 13:31

    jeremydmiller on new

    very, very basic dotnet new tem… basic dotnet template seems to … (compare)

  • Aug 13 2018 07:52
    hastarin commented #743
  • Aug 10 2018 05:07
    hastarin opened #748
  • Aug 10 2018 00:59
    hastarin commented #606
  • Aug 10 2018 00:58
    hastarin commented #708
Colten Rouska
@jeremydmiller Is this version of storyteller going to be able to send batch commands to browsers? I am not sure if that is even possible for Webdriver or Selenium.
Jeremy D. Miller
@rizowski I don’t think it is possible w/ WebDriver, but @mtscout6, @katokay, @RyanHauert, and I have kicked around a concept where we would do much more by bypassing WebDriver altogether and use much more JS embedded on the page to drive the page
Should note that this doesn’t have anything to do with ST3 itself, but in the Serenity usage.
Corey Kaylor
ST itself doesn’t have anything to do with browser automation though.
Matt Smith
Jeremy and I have talked about the idea of building up a JavaScript bundle that we inject into a page which would allow for complex test operations to be done with pure JavaScript. Basically WebDriver does allow you to invoke JavaScript on a page, so if there is a JavaScript global that you can attach too WebDriver can invoke it. So, for example we are relying on jQuery for complex element location right now, If/when we remove our dependency from jQuery as we move to React than that won’t work. So, bundle jQuery into our Serenity JavaScript bundle we’d still be able to do those queries.
Jeremy D. Miller
So what we could do is utilize FubuMVC’s OWIN support to insert a JS script into an HTML page that has all the custom functions we need to drive the page. Especially the things that today take a lot of WebDriver round trips.
What Matt said;)
Another option would be to smuggle in a more generic script for page manipulation that could accept a batch of requests and gather up much more in a single request. That kind of thing made a huge difference on projects in the past where we did a lot of testing against dynamic grids.
Corey Kaylor
Opening a websocket with the page directly in our tests would minimize the need for Wait.Until(some condition code)… and instead could push information to us when things are in the state we want.
Matt Smith
Basically, the wait.until logic would essentially just move to JavaScript in that case where we can poll more frequently.
And some operations will still be a Wait.Until in C#. WebDriver is what we should use to determine element visibility since it has mechanics to ensure it truly is visible to somebody visually. Where doing so in JavaScript something may be “visible” but covered by a modal.
Jeremy D. Miller
Oh, I like that Matt.
Does bind the specs more tightly to the UI though.
Makes me think we look at changing the MessageHistory thing in the FT/Serenity testing to use a TaskCompletionSource instead of polling now too for the same reasons
Matt Smith
“Promises” all the way :smile:
Jeremy D. Miller
When you can;)
Matt Smith
Sometime you have to poll
Jeremy D. Miller
We can get at the MessageHistory in process, so there’s no real need to poll. Still need timeouts though.