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Aug 2015
Corey Kaylor
Aug 20 2015 14:33
Hasn’t been used by us, so I would vote for getting rid of it.
Andres Hernandez
Aug 20 2015 14:35
The use of responsive design makes the conditional/profile view less usefull.
Corey Kaylor
Aug 20 2015 14:40
It potentially has value for client specific profiles, but even then it’s a possibility that we’ve never needed to employ in practice.
Jeremy D. Miller
Aug 20 2015 14:42
@andhernand We built it specifically for cases where we thought that responsive design was going to be too hard or you were just going for such a very different layout and interaction. Either way, nobody’s used it since that company folded, so I’m hearing “kill it with impunity"