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Mar 2016
Ron Lloyd
Mar 16 2016 15:37
Starting to look into moving to FubuMVC 3. Should we go with HtmlTags or HtmlTags 4.0.0-beta1?
Jeremy D. Miller
Mar 16 2016 15:44
What does the fubumvc.core unspecified say? Should be locked back to 2.1
dammit, the nuspec is wrong. Gimme a bit @rlloyd2001 and I’ll fix that and re-publish. Do NOT use HtmlTags 3 or 4.
Ron Lloyd
Mar 16 2016 22:25
@jeremydmiller What is the difference between FubuMVC.RavenDb45 vs. FubuMVC.RavenDb. Can we remove FubuMVC.RavenDb45 going to FubuMVC 3?
Ron Lloyd
Mar 16 2016 22:42
Nevermind, 45 has to refer to .net 4.5.