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Mar 2015
Mar 31 2015 22:42
Is a specific cube-schema agnostic to what client will use it,; what queries will come? I mean is it reasonable to imagine a generic CubesNavigator, that let's a user look at any combo of properties and aggregations across any cube. That would require metadata queries like getDimensions(), getMeasures(), getHierarchies() to support populating dropdowns to start navigating down the tree. The reason I as; is because then Stefan, the back-end wouldn't know in before hand what you answered to a previous question: "Only joins necessary for your query are considered. It does not generate the whole star/snowflake for every query" Are you saying, you have to predefine what parts of the snowflake/star are available to query? Like "available slices"?
Stefan Urbanek
Mar 31 2015 23:15
@olarosling you mean generic navigator such like this one?
it reds the cube metadata - dimension, attributes, … and then provides user inteface for visually composing the query
the interface to get Cubes and Dimensions exists in the server:
as well as in the python through Workspace
as for joins - that is related only to ROLAP cubes – cubes that have their data in a relational database which is accessed through the SQL browser/store
current (1.0) version of cubes does not support cross-cube aggregates, however there is an open issue with more details for that
there is no such thing as “available slices”, as it is not needed