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Apr 2015
Nuno Khan
Apr 21 2015 15:30
hey guys, im a bit confused with this statement: json_record_limit - number of rows to limit when generating JSON output with iterable objects, such as facts. Default is 1000. It is recommended to use alternate response format, such as CSV, to get more records. i have 5000 rows, i i do json_record_limit: 5000 i can see the data in CubesViewer but it becomes quite slow
i couldnt find an option in Cubes viewer to retrieve partially (i dont even know if cubes allows that)
it takes me about 40 seconds to load up the 5000 records in a 2GB RAM machine with 1 core. is this expected in a machine with low specs like this?
Nuno Khan
Apr 21 2015 17:22
think i solved my issue by using gunicorn as my web server
things now load pretty fast