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Jun 2016
Florian Pieront
Jun 03 2016 14:55
Hi Jose :) I just upgraded to new CubesViewer version and it is super exciting, great work!
BUT with the new version my date ordering doesn't work any more :/ the dimension ordered correctly with the old version
is this more likely to be an issue with the model or with my database schema?
Jose Juan Montes
Jun 03 2016 18:12
no, I tracked one of those bugs
I'll move that to my top of my stack, because it's a grave bug. The thing is happens only in some columns and I let it slip. Sorry for that, if you can, try to not revert and I'll publish a fix soon. I'd ask you to please open an issue in cubesviewer issue tracker so you'll get notified when I fix it.
@fpieront and thanks :)
Jose Juan Montes
Jun 03 2016 18:26
Feel free to drop any other bugs or feature requests or comments :)