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Jun 2016
Florian Pieront
Jun 07 2016 08:21
@jjmontesl yes will do, thanks. further, is it possible to see the full model somewhere you use for the cubesviewer demo? (this one
Florian Pieront
Jun 07 2016 16:07
@jjmontesl I found another odd issue where dimension drilldowns only show up as "[object Object]" in the csv export produced by the "Export table" function. I put everything I could think of in the report
Jose Juan Montes
Jun 07 2016 19:13
@fpieront, the model currently in use in the demo is: (note you are looking at an older version which is currently online in the demo site, but the "master" branch of that repository has a different model which will be updated and published for 2.1).