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Mar 2017
Stefan Urbanek
Mar 16 2017 02:26
So far around 300 functions are fully or at least partially annotated with types in the 2.0 branch.
Abbas Mashayekh
Mar 16 2017 05:36
@Stiivi Is cell a required arg for Drilldown? It doesn't refer to self.cell anywhere and the three functions that need cell, receive it as an argument. Also levels_from_drilldown requires cell just conditionally.
Stefan Urbanek
Mar 16 2017 13:21
@martianboy good point, it does not. it is a leftover
going to remove it
but the whole levels_from_drilldown needs to be reviewed, has some historical decisions that make it unnecessarily complicated
Stefan Urbanek
Mar 16 2017 16:47
Here are few easy type-related features to implement, if someone is interested. See the 'Planned' column.