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Mar 2017
Richard Banyi
Mar 29 2017 12:16
Deployment of Slicer to a server. I have my application running on the server the infrastucture is the following : nginx + gunicorn + django app. I have a script which runs the gunicorn and starts the django app. Locally I just manually start the django app and also Slicer server it works. Thefore my question what is the proper way to run the Slicer Server on server? First I thought I will integrate it somewhow into the django app, I thought django has also Blueprint object just like flask, but as far as I know there is nothing like that, so I have just wrote a shell script which runs the command slicer serve slicer.ini doesn’t really work.
also nginx is listening now on ports 80, therefore as far as I am concerned I have to enable port 5000.
Stefan Urbanek
Mar 29 2017 16:29
@richban try to follow this Flask documentation about nginx
Richard Banyi
Mar 29 2017 20:37
I see, just to make sure that I understand it right. Slicer a is WSGI application based on on Flask which comes with uWSGI server - by default it has an entry point for the Flask app, thefore it’s already configured. So if I want to define my own WSGI entry point I can write a WSGI script and afterwards configure the WSGI Server (uWSGI or Gunicorn). Am I correct?