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Apr 2017
Christian Ledermann
Apr 27 2017 11:57 UTC
with bubbles how do I create indexes in the target

import bubbles

src_url = 'postgresql://primarysite:primarysite@localhost/primarysite'
dest_url = 'postgresql://primarysite:primarysite@localhost/slicer_db'

stores = {'source': bubbles.open_store('sql', src_url),
'target': bubbles.open_store('sql', dest_url), }
pl = bubbles.pipeline.Pipeline(stores=stores)
pl.source('source', 'core_site')

pl.create('target', 'core_site')

this creates a table as
CREATE TABLE core_site
id integer,
name character varying(255),
without any indexes
Jose Juan Montes
Apr 27 2017 19:58 UTC
not me
are you starting with this ETL now? is it for work or hobby?