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Mar 2018
Mar 30 2018 01:41
Well I just wish this project was more active, I want to contribute to it, but I'm not even sure my changes would get merged if I did. Maybe someone who has time should maintain this project.
Thank you for your reply @rufuspollock
Michael Schwab
Mar 30 2018 02:52
The good news is that as it stands the library is very usable. I recently released a production system using cubes as the database backend. This is a strictly read setup but it does handle the aggregations and cube processing very well, even top of a mariadb.
Rufus Pollock
Mar 30 2018 06:25
@schwab :-) -- it's a great library Stefan is a very good data engineer and software architect :-)
Mar 30 2018 14:21
It is a great library indeed @schwab , but there are many things to do to push it to the next level.