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    The Internet has helped us in all ways that include booking your journey to ordering medicine everything which is related to business and trade. Along with that it also helped in millions of ways to gain more and more information about the variety of things including celebrities and our health. Almost every piece of information is there available on the internet but still we don’t bother to look into it. Because of this ignorance or giving a less priority to our health we later face some serious consequences. There are some habitual things that we are doing since childhood which needed to be changed or stopped.

    1) No Brushing or Frequent Brushing – There are very few people here that are doing brush on a moderate level. Either one is not habitual of brushing teeth other than morning and some are so careful they keep on brushing 5-6 times day. No brushing leads to bad oral health and decaying of tooth and gum. On the other hand, frequent brushing leads to losing enamel and there is the chance of weakening of gums and teeth.

    2) Drinking Water – Most of us are doing it wrong because nobody bothers to get the idea about proper water drinking timings. Many of us literally drink around a liter of water immediately after a meal and that is one of the dangerous things that we are doing. It disturbs digestion process and that lead to gas trouble, acidity, and fat deposition.

    3) Milk and Buttermilk – Generally we used to drink milk in the morning and buttermilk during the night after a meal. But facts are somehow different and there is a big mistake on our timing and selection of the item to consume. Milk is always suggested to be consumed before we sleep and buttermilk should be taken at the time of breakfast.

    4) Dressing – We do everything to look good and for a man, it is always stylish to have jeans and jacket on the body when he goes out. Our body creates vitamin D by its own and for that purpose, it is required to expose our skin to the sun especially early morning. But our dressing sense something goes bad and our body face its consequences.

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