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    Fixed bugs with markdown and im… Merge pull request #100 from du… (compare)

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    dulb640 opened #102
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  • Dec 10 2015 22:38

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    Stopping self upvoting. Users … Correcting the vote disabling a… Merge pull request #99 from dul… (compare)

  • Dec 10 2015 22:38
    Deadarius closed #99
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    Deadarius on master

    Changing the user info box The… Merge pull request #98 from dul… (compare)

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    variable-content commented #53
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    variable-content commented #79
  • Jul 26 2015 03:24

    Deadarius on master

    Updated angular version to 1.4 0.15.2 (compare)

TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined
at ui-bootstrap-tpls.js:3602
at processQueue (angular.js:13189)
at angular.js:13205
at Scope.$get.Scope.$eval (angular.js:14401)
at Scope.$get.Scope.$digest (angular.js:14217)
at Scope.$get.Scope.$apply (angular.js:14506)
at NgModelController.$$debounceViewValueCommit (angular.js:23263)
at NgModelController.$setViewValue (angular.js:23235)
at HTMLInputElement.listener (angular.js:19656)
at HTMLInputElement.eventHandler (angular.js:3014)
what is your version of this file?
oh bullshit
i fixed that
when you include header
you need to actually use whats in index.html
header.html is out of date
i've found a good open source directive to have a notifications shade/slider
once you check in changes to header, i can work it in
Problem was that search function supposed to return promise
It is working for me now
I copied stuff in header.html and included it on index.html
please pull
Can you please try make it jump to question on enter?
Damn. I like this typeahead, but it doesn't seem to be working the way we need
I think we should just go with simple search box which redirects to search results
And add tags to typeahead now
later if we will have time we will add often used words
On it now
whoa whoa what
what should i do now?
I thought that's what you're working on
i just got confused
when you said i should try to do all this other stuff
No no, I mean I am doing it
Sorry for confusing
we don't have any server side notification stuff yet right?
i'll just mock up some data services
No, we don't, I am going to work on it soon
Yo, Sanchit. How is notifications thing going on?
Giang, are you here?
I'm going to work on improving upvate/downvote
can someone copy paste me the install startups for setting ing the enviroment
i want t oset up for home computer
the one that was on http://vdt113/quickstart.html
but i can't access from home
nvm i can prob work it out
install node to get npm
install git
npm install bower
npm install gulp
install chocolatey
install node + npm