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May 2015
Nelo Mitranim
May 22 2015 19:53
Pulling my hair out trying to set up an internal and an external module with ES6 style export declarations
Is this even doable?
Say I have an internal module with multiple ES6 export declarations, something like
declare module ngDecorate {
  export function Attribute(config: DirectiveConfig);
  export function Ambient(config: BaseConfig);
  /* ... */
Next I want to propagate this to an external module, something like
declare module 'ng-decorate' {
  export * from ngDecorate;
That's the intuitive thing to do
We're dealing with Microsoft, so of course the intuitive thing doesn't work
What's the way to do this?
Nelo Mitranim
May 22 2015 20:18
It also seems that export = ngDecorate works for the compiler, but none of my editors pick this up, thinking the module has no exported members