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Sep 2015
Gerasimos (Makis) Maropoulos
Sep 12 2015 11:30
pty.js/pty.js.d.ts(23,18): error TS2420: Class 'Terminal' incorrectly implements interface 'Stream'.
Types of property 'addListener' are incompatible.
Type '(event: string, listener: Function) => EventEmitter' is not assignable to type '(event: string, listener: Function) => EventEmitter'.
Type 'EventEmitter' is not assignable to type 'EventEmitter'.
Does anyone knows what is going wrong here ? I try to add my tests to the definitely typed and this is the only error I get
the pull request is that: borisyankov/DefinitelyTyped#5789 ( Last 6 edits-commits are because of this error and I couldn't fix it yet)
Tests are 5-10 minutes to finish and always fails with this error only... I just add _events:string[] on eventemitter of node.d.ts ( because _events is the right property to get a list of registed events)