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May 2016
Valentin Robert
May 03 2016 00:10
hello, I could not find the policy in the guidelines w.r.t mentioning other definitions, for instance, the Rx definition file writes its own Promise interface, but it's missing some stuff, should it just refer to either es6-shim Promise, es6-promises Promise, or have its own interface fixed?
Basarat Ali Syed
May 03 2016 01:25
@Ptival Depends upon if it uses another library. E.g. a few libraries depend upon bluebird or q (see the lib's package.json) to provide the promise
In that case they depend upon bluebird.d.ts or q.d.ts
But in rxjs case it feels that it comes with its own promise implementation (based on your comment) so its definition should have its ownPromise interface (namespaced ofcourse)
@Ptival hope that helps
Valentin Robert
May 03 2016 01:33
@basarat ah yeah good point, I'll look at the code and match what they use
Andrew Slater
May 03 2016 13:43
What's the "right" way to handle incorrect typings? Update them manually and check-in the tsd files?