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May 2016
Samier Saeed
May 29 2016 23:41
hey guys
if i have typings that i installed using typings
and i also need to write a .d.ts file for an external lib
where would i put the latter file? if i put it in the typings folder, that strikes me as bad, because it mixes stuff installed by a package manager which custom files I had to write
Daniel Rosenwasser
May 29 2016 23:43
Consider contributing it to DefinitelyTyped, and if it's not meant to be public, just have another folder called externals or something
Samier Saeed
May 29 2016 23:46
i see, ok, thanks. it looks like tsc automatically picks up on the typings folder--how would one tell it to look for definition files (also) in another folder?