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Jun 2016
Rafael Oscar Torres
Jun 08 2016 02:29
Just curious
How does the express type definition notify the transpiler to write "require('express')"
I'm trying to do that for a pouchdb type definition but have had no luck so far
Daniel Rosenwasser
Jun 08 2016 05:20
@rators you include the file, and there's a line like declare module "express"
the compiler knows it doesn't have to do any resolution for the file itself, so it stops at that point
Alexander Spence
Jun 08 2016 21:46
Hi, trying to use the node typings from DT.
I need access to process.stdin, can't figure out how to import it.
Alexander Spence
Jun 08 2016 21:59
Nvm. Figured out just use process. No need y
To import