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Sep 2016
Sep 16 2016 13:36
hello @vvakame
#11220 is my PR
Steven Demurjian Jr.
Sep 16 2016 14:57
Hi, after I switched from typings and installed all my packages using @types, none of imports are working. ie import * as d3 from 'd3'; says d3 module was not found
I've restarted vscode several times, and uninstalled/reinstalled all npm packages.
Antoine LUCAS
Sep 16 2016 18:33
Hello, I wrote a github project in ES6 using typescript , and I am now struggling to define a definitvelyTyped file
struggle 1 : my .d.ts definition depends on the node_redis, and one function returns an instance of redis.RedisClient
i can't find how/wehere to include the dependency in my index.d.ts file
struggle2: I got a try on the yo generator example, but somewhere in the doc it says here:
This message was deleted
For 5, there should be no need to write a type definition. The declaration files included in the package should be automatically detected and used by the TypeScript compiler upon consumption of the package.
does the typescript compiler has an option to automatically generate a .t.ts file?
I'd really like some guidance.
Antoine LUCAS
Sep 16 2016 20:23
anyway, all good, I made it finally: DefinitelyTyped/DefinitelyTyped#11287 ^^