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Jun 2017
Simon de Lang
Jun 16 2017 08:09
Any idea when DefinitelyTyped/DefinitelyTyped@755c104 will be released?
Akos Kitta
Jun 16 2017 10:04
@simondel If I understood correctly, there was a build failure here:
Anton Kosyakov
Jun 16 2017 10:11
@simondel do you know a workaround for it, for now?
Steven Liekens
Jun 16 2017 11:05
Hello friends, I'm struggling with my dev environment. Which versions of node/npm/typescript/tslint are known to work well together?
And what are the devdependencies in the package.json file?
Simon de Lang
Jun 16 2017 11:11
@akosyakov You could pin your types to an older version
Akos Kitta
Jun 16 2017 11:26
@simondel Thanks! Just in case someone else is looking for a quick workaround; adding "@types/express-serve-static-core": "4.0.46", to the package.json solved the problem in our cause although we use express-server-static-core only as a transitive dependency.